Having read this book, I will say it is a worthy read to everyone.  Being a white-man, I often look down on lower-class white people, far more than I look down on lower-class black people.  I feel that we were(are) given ever opportunity to succeed moreso than any other race.  But I feel as if we have become lazy and careless.  We have been on the top for so long, we know no other position.

As it relates to blackness, the book makes good points of whether it is in good standing for black people to make fun or ridicule other black people.  This is double-edged I believe.  You can see a movie like “bamboozled” and see how the blacks people are portrayed in that and be offended, but the offended actions are thrust towards Spike Lee, not the white folks forcing the actions. Or you can watch any Tyler Perry show, which I believe is far more racist and stereotypical towards black people, but overloook that due to the that it supposed to be less realistic and humorous.  When is it o.k. to make fun of your race? When you are on top or when you are thriving for a better position?



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