The Rebel Flag in SC

As a Southerner I am not torn by the issue of the confederate flag. It is our constitutional right to free speech but when we can no longer listen to each others side of things, it becomes an issue. I am proud of my roots but being southern is much more than waiving that flag. Many people come to see it as a symbol of slavery when in actuality the civil war boiled down to a basic question of state’s rights to make their own laws.

Personally I would not raise the confederate flag at my home because of what it now comes to symbolize. I choose to celebrate other parts of my southern roots in different ways. I think the flag has its place in confederate monuments, not necessarily a public building. It is this woman’s right to fly that flag at her home. I would NOT participate in the petty nature of the flag pole and fence but… it is her right. As long as her homeowners association allows it.

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