You pulled me over because I am black, huh?

We have all heard the famous quote from the black man to the white police officer as he pulls him over for speeding, reckless driving and expired tags.  Now how do you get this across to this black man’s ignorance and get him to realize he was not pulled over because “he is black.”

Officers all over the nation deal with this constantly, and not one case has been thrown out when the officer had a legitimate reason to pull the black folks over.  Day after day, judges get their time wasted by black ladies and gentlemen who think they were picked out because of their skin color. When will they finally realize that they are treated the same as white folks?  I personally, being involved in law enforcement, have never seen an officer pick someone out to pull over because of their skin color, religion, or for no apparent reason. Why would they risk their jobs, their livelihood, and their main support for their families for breaking the law and being raciest? Some just don’t understand and want to get out of the fine for their illegal actions, while others are trying to strike it rich through what they hope will turn into a lawsuit.

Although some everyday citizens have heard of the phrase “DWB” or “Driving While Black,” I could not tell you the last time I have ever seen this phrase issued on a citation.  Some idiot who thinks it would be hilarious to change the “driving while intoxicated” to “driving while black” and gain a ton of public dismay, unfortunately won this one! More and more colored folks try and slide their way out of a citation or two, maybe we should make a law making this illegal? Obviously it will never happen, but its a “wishful thinking” kind of thing to stop wasting our court’s time and our officer’s time.

Remember– “you do the crime, you pay the time,” not “your colored, you pay the time.” Its just the way it is., and always will be.

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