Frontline; A Class Divided

I’ve seen this piece a dozen times. I used to lead a training class on diversity for my employer. Granted participants had to sit thru the class, when we showed this video, it always generated a lot of conversation. It’s unfathomable to think something as simple as these kids eye color would make a difference. These kids go from being friends one day to evil little monsters the next.

The lessons that these kids learned from this experiment, over something they cannot control, linger still in the follow up interviews. These kids were ok the day before and then all of a sudden they were told one was inferior to the other. And then the change after that again is amazing. It kind of plays to how ridiculous the issue of race is.

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One Response to Frontline; A Class Divided

  1. nink32 says:

    My first time see this movie I enjoyed it.

    I was amaze how Ms Elliott stay strong in teaching her students that just cause your a different race, dose mean should be treated other races like they stupid or called out of they name, because the color of they skin. Watching a class divide i thought that she open her student eye and it change how they treated other races. Because MS Elliott excise that did with blue eyes and brown eyes help them see how feel to be another race then there

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