I never understood why racism is still prevalent, especially in 2011. I’d like to think in this era of humanity that we understand the differences that unite us opposed to dividing us. Its almost comedic to hear someone explain and justify racism. They usually back up their reasoning with an ignorant stereotype or an outlandish conspiracy theory. I was watching this documentary on skin heads on National Geographic and these guys were hilarious! One was asked why they hate black people so much and the pale, skinny, bald headed gentleman replied, “Cuz dey tryin to take over our country by makin the world black!”. Really?! Black people have apparently started an underground society to take over the world ladies and gentleman! How could society fail this guy so badly? Im not going to just single out the white person, all races and ethnicities are guilty of the same type of ignorant philosophy. Black people are as just as guilty of being racist as white people are. I never understood why it was always ok for the phrase “white boy” to be used but never the opposite when speaking about black people. If all people are to be equal, then we should all be able to be equivalently racist.

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