The root of racism?

Here’s some food for thought, is racism taught? Is it a product of ideas shared between peers, learned from racist parents, influenced by media, or can racism be simply be picked up by someone from viewing habits of other groups? Even worse, can one be racist against others of their own group? I think the answer is all of the above.

It’s hard for people to say what they really feel, but I think that if everybody actually took the time to really know another’s culture, then racial hate could not exist. But I think racism is something that comes along to someone when they are younger, and this can stem from the parents saying racial remarks around a child, behaviors of classmates in high school, or the media. No one in their 50’s decides to just be racist all of a sudden. But I think the most affirming form of racism is someone who is exposed to a negative situation, and never gives that group another chance to prove their ideas wrong.

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