Are We Really Free of Racism?

Discrimination.  A strong word that is usually immediately followed by thoughts of minorities of any sort specifically African Americans.  Why is it that Americans are willing to discriminate against others but they do not realize that they were considered immigrants or different before?  Why has America turned into such a hypocritical country? I do not think anyone really has clear answers to these questions.  I mean, if people really paid attention to their history, everyone might realize, America is called the melting pot for a reason.  We are mixed with almost every race that you could think of. That means we have people from almost every continent living here.

America is often criticized for slavery, and boy is it a big deal to other countries. Why? Because although many other countries had slaves, the U.S. took it to a different extreme.  Not only that but we became hypocrites to everyone else.  Everyone usually came to the U.S. for two specific reasons and that would be Freedom and the chance for a better life.  Once slavery came into factor, that idea quickly went downhill.  America made it clear that they wanted every man to be equal, except for Blacks.  And because of this, our country that was supposedly for equality and freedom, turned into two separate countries.

Now, if you ask some people, they might say that people no longer discriminate and that we have gotten over race.  If we have gotten over race, can anyone explain to me why when we mention Obama, people say he is the first BLACK president?  If people no longer discriminated, then why is it that when minorities walk through a prominently white building or neighborhood, people tend to give you glares as if you are an inhumane creature? People have not realized that color would be one of the first things that we see in others.  People do not realize that discriminating has become a part of society in general and by the way that things are looking, our generalizations will never change.  Whether we are being discriminated against or we are the ones discriminating others, things will never change. There will always be those few people who will ruin it by being the cruel individuals even if the majority learned to accept the differences others have.  We just all have to unite as a whole and conquer this challenge together, even if there are people who will try standing in our way.  We must fight for equality and freedom, no matter whom or what you are.

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