The next frontier

In this world that we live today a lot has changed since our country has started. For instance I am at Starbucks writing this blog, it was very crowded when I arrived so I found a seat next to a minority. He looks like he is from India and he sounds Indian when he talks on his phone, however my point is that I feel completely comfortable with my surroundings right now. When I asked if I could squeeze in and share this small table to do work, there was not a single hesitation. This has happened before with other people too. Sometimes i am in close quarters with Blacks, Indians, Whites, and Asians. But all the time I find myself sharing spaces with other “races” and there has never been a problem. The way I feel is that we are just students trying to get some work done and nothing else is thought of after that. From what I see, for  one reason or the other we both had to come here to get school work done and I feel as if we have more in common than anything else.

What I think the next frontier of human species is that we are slowly going to be able to phase out the differences in geography that we all have and become equals. The theory of a vicious cycle is only true to those that believe in it. Of course it is easy to reinforce a stereotype , but judging someone just off one action that they do is stupid. Everyone will be getting along and no single race will be considered the “dominant race”. Discriminating will go from race to perhaps sports. I do understand where the origins of race came from and when I think about how it is today, I see us all as grandchildren of the harsh discrimination and most people are trying to move past all of this and just be looked at has equals. Wow this frappuccino is fantastic! Also I am having a 5 star day!!! (horoscope) I encourage everyone to come check out the starbucks on clifton and w 117 and see the unity that’s here. Cheers


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