Race Realities

It seems like no matter where I go, there is some fool spewing out some racist nonsense. I’ve heard it all and I’m sick of listening to disgusting, ignorant comments. It’s really starting to make me angry, because these people have no idea what they are saying. Living outside of Ohio and being exposed to a diverse group of people, has made me a more tolerant person, I believe. When I was in Hawaii, it seemed like the local people had a disliking toward white people. Foreigners and whites are called, Howley. I’m not sure of the exact translation, however, the context that it was used in was less-than complimentary. Anyway, I had never experienced any racism, directed at me in my life, until that moment. Some of us go our whole lives without experiencing racism on a personal level. It really hurts to think that someone is judging you based on some rationalization. We need to wake up as a society and realize what we are doing to each other. If more people would take the time to just listen, we would all be able to co-habitate in a more peaceful way. I’m glad that I have gone through certain situations in my life. I believe that I’m a more understanding and forgiving person and I wish more people could say the same.

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