Racism in the work place

Have you ever noticed at your job the different races around you? I have… In my department there aren’t that many colored people. During my shift there aren’t any “colored” people as my supervisor would say. Only a few whites and a few hispanics. As time went on I continued to noticed that black where being placed to only work night shift. I finally had the courage to talk to one of my co-workers who has been with the company longer that I have, said to me “didn’t you know that the supervisor is afraid of black?” I said what do you mean? She replied with “she doesn’t like blacks and doesn’t want to deal with them.” Coming from a very diveresed background I began to study my supervisor more and more each day. I noticed how if a “colored” person approached her how she would tend to keep her distance, how differently she would treat them. I was so convinced that this type of behavior was not seen anymore but I guess I was wrong. Should I have the courage one day to say something about this to her … would you ?

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One Response to Racism in the work place

  1. toaquhay says:

    If you are close with your supervisor, or if you have a good line of communication with her I would say something. However, don’t approach her in a confrontational manner. I would approach her more from an honest, inquisitive approach. Maybe there is some underlying reason why she is “afraid” of black people. It would be wrong to automatically assume that she doesn’t interact with them simply out of racist views, though that could be the case. Though, it is better to approach her with your mind a tabula rasa. She could’ve been socialized to view people a certain way and the way she views blacks is with fear. Or, maybe she had a dramatic with one black person and she took that an generalized it onto the entire group. I think it would only serve to help you and her to ask her about her feelings. Not only would you be educating yourself, you may also educate her and open her mind up to different thoughts and views.

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