A Class Divided: An Excellent Experiment

This is the first time I got to watch this show.  It was an experiment done many years ago on the white students about having blue eyes or brown eyes.  They were divided according to their eye color and it is so amazing to see how the students felt little or inferior when the teacher told them that because of their eye color, they were not as good as the others.

With less understanding about discrimination, the students believed what the adult had told them much more it was coming from the teacher whom they believed was the authority to tell them what was right and what was not. Their behavior towards their friends changed in an instant.   It was obvious that children would easily believe what the adults are telling them.  On the other hand, their young minds could also easily comprehend when the adults will tell them that discrimination is not right.  By saying this, people in authority should try to teach the children how to become better people.  The experiment done to these students was excellent.  It was an eye opener for them and that made them better people growing up.

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