Surprising Siblings

A set of twin boys in Britain have a remarkable difference- one is dark skinned while the other is white skinned. Daniel and James are not only significantly different from the outside but their personalities are also unlike each other. “James, the darker skinned twin, is gay, outgoing, and excels at academics. Daniel, on the other hand, is straight, introverted, and has little proclivity toward school.” Their parents are an interracial couple. Alyson is white and Errol is Jamaican- which has some European DNA. Another interesting fact about this family is that both of the parents were in previous relationships prior to their’s and had another set of twins of their own- CRAZY.

Although it is a very fascinating situation for the family, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the twin boys. Being eighteen, social life means a lot to them, and I can only imagine how hard it is A.) to be a twin, B.) have such a dramatic physical difference from your brother, C.) growing up with an interracial couple for your parents and more importantly, D.) having such different personalities.

Being a twin is hard- there is obviously going to be more competition than the normal sibling relationships. Being so different from each other really makes that harder, especially when one of them identifies them-self with being gay, not a completely socially accepted orientation. Also the issue of race is also something that is such a social concern. Their parents are from different races, which unfortunately, really standouts to people. So, having a twin with the same situation could making growing up very, very difficult.

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