Vacation in Mexico

Last week my boyfriend and I went on a vacation toQuintana Roo,Mexico. We stayed at an all inclusive resort for five days, and, as you can imagine, did not want to come back. Most of our time was either spent on the gorgeous beach or at the pool bar drinking strawberry margaritas; it was everything we expected fromCancun. However, I didn’t want to post about this just to make everyone jealous. There were a few major differences that I feel are noteworthy. First, we went to three different restaurants on the resort and not once did a female wait on us. This was the same with all of the bars; every bartender we came across was male. There were no females working at the front desk either. The only time we came into contact with a female worker was housekeeping, room service, and the gift shops. Why is this? In theU.S.waiting and bartending jobs are, as a rule, occupied by women.

Also, my experiences in Mexicoforced me to see Mexicans and Mexican Americans in a different light. Not that I was prejudiced or racist toward this group before, I just never really challenged prejudices of others because I didn’t have any basis to do so. Now, however, I can honestly challenge the biggest stereotype toward Mexicans in saying, Americans are a hundred times lazier then Mexicans! Housekeeping checked on us multiple times a day, our longest wait for a meal was fifteen minutes, we never once had to ask for a drink refill, and my chair was pulled out for me and a napkin put on my lap at every single meal. Tell me, when was the last time you got that kind of service on a vacation in the states… probably never. Another thing I observed was that when a table was finished with their meal it was bussed immediately. At home, if the place wasn’t busy, I’ve seen tables unattended for a good ten minutes or longer. The one morning I woke up early enough to see the pools being cleaned I noticed another difference; the guy actually got into the pool with the vacuum to clean it. When I was a lifeguard we were taught to skim the top of the pool with the net and throw the “bottom feeder” in an hour before it opened to let the vacuum do its job (former guards know what I’m talking about). They’re the lazy ones? … I beg to differ.


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