What color is crime?

Is crime white? black? brown? orange? red? etc.  People always try and set up crime with a skin color, and sometimes they immediately get proved wrong.  I have seen crimes happen first hand from all races, religions, skin colors, and gender.  Just because the black man is walking with a backpack at night does not mean he is breaking into places.  Just because the white man is wearing baggy clothes does not mean he is up to no good.  Just because the Arabic guy at the airport is looking around for his son, does not mean he is trying to plan a terrorist attack.  More and more these days I continually hear people these assumptions based on a persons color of their skin.  All I can say to these people is read the news, and look at the crime statistics.  It changes constantly, and people should not be singled out because of their skin color or styles.  Also, men and women of all races commit the same exact crimes, and people always try and put someones gender into play with a crime.  Sure, we hear of crimes that happen to some races more than others, and some genders more than other genders, but that does not put a color on crime.

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One Response to What color is crime?

  1. dcoleman03 says:

    No, crime does not have a color, but do you think that it is hard to steer away from colorizing crime when certain groups are identified by the crimes the commit? I’m not saying that by any means colorizing crime is justifiable. I know first hand that I’ve heard the questions asked, don’t tell me that’s another black man in trouble, what race was the suspect?”or some phrases along those lines. Is the reason why this occurs because it appears that the media focuses on crime committed by one race more than another? Either way in the end, race shouldn’t be a concern to the community, the focus should be on the reason for the crime, what led up to it and other details pertaining to the crime itself and the victims.

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