Black and White Bros…?

I just finally got a chance to read this and i know its kinda late but better late than ever I guess. Anyway wow! Is anyone else surprised at just how much teasing the parents just brought on their kids from their fellow classmates and scholars. I know love at first site is special…but I don’t know why couples don’t ever picture how their kids’ lives will be effected with their decisions. Interracial marriage is definetly not a bad thing and racism should not exist today, but it does and suicide rates are growing because parents are making mistakes. Same goes for babies making babies, should not be happening and people need to start thinking and taking responsibility for their actions. We all know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so why not to stop and consider what your actions will bring forth and how will they effect others.
In a perfect world yes everything is possible but in our society today some things are just not ment to be. And its always the kids that suffer because of their parent’s mistakes. In our Constitution is states that every men is created equal but one race has to always dominate and racism has not dissapeared but modernized itself. If we look at ancient civilizations, there was one civilization that took over or dominated others like the Roman Ampire and everyone they dominated they gave rules to make them more like slaves to a point where they never fought back and if they wanted to they couldn’t because they were stripped of resources and equality. That’s basically the point im trying to make that in our society white people dominate and for them to stay ontop they set rules and regulations high enough where racism must remain inequality is the only way of life that we know. One ethnicity must struggle for another to grow. That’s why these two brothers are going to have a hard time because its not a norm in our society to have a twin who is a different race than you.

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