A Class Divided

I finally got a chance to watch this, and wow how great of an outcome a small lie can produce. It’s remarkable to see how todays society is a copycat of this movie. What i mean by that is how the government uses discirimation and prejudice to keep one ethnic group ontop and bring the others down. How can this country ever reach equality if the people preaching about equality are preventing it. It’s just a big never ending cycle. Everytime one problem is fixed, a different version of that problem is created. “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences,” is basically what we created which was quoted by W.I. Thomas. Every thought and idea starts in the mind but how far it travels is completely up to us. If the government fully eliminates discrimination than there will not be enough resourses for the dominant race and it will not be the dominant race anymore. The presence of a minority makes the majority look better than it really is. I believe that if everyone become more educated like this teacher educated her students we could definetly be examples and leaders in this society and show others what equality is really all about. Hitler said “If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough people will start to believe it,” and that exactly what society is doing right now. It’s basically brain washing us to keep us from the trueth. Why do you think that people like M.L.K. Jr and other like him influenced people to go gain wisdom and study and educate themselves because they saw what society was doing and wanted the people to see the bigger picture. I always wondered why it’s almost always the low class white people that comit the most hate crimes? Probably because they lack education and do what they do because that’s how society made them and they believe they are doing society a favor. The rich always use the poor to do their dirty work. And how do you do that? Well you raise the price of education to where the poor will not be able to afford it and without education society can tell them any lie and they will except it as the trueth and follow it. Like Marx said “that for there to be a ruleing class, there has to be a working class” which t do all the dirty work of the ruleing class.

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