Hip-hop is often the most misunderstood musical genre. When I say hip-hop, I do not mean the commercial rap that you hear on radio or see on TV. I am referring to the artists that actually have something to say. Now, I’ve always been a fan of hip-hop. There are more songs that I can relate to than there are in any other genre. Hip-hop does more to social awareness between the different classes and skin color than your typical rap song. Take this song for example:


While everything in his lyrics might not be 100% accurate (no idea, didn’t fact check), just the comments he makes about the different ethnicities in his chorus really shows an awareness that goes beyond what people typically classify as rap.  Here is an interview with Lupe Fiasco that shatters the ignorant stereotype that is tagged to hip-hop artists:


There are a lot of truths behind what he is saying. Our country was built on foundations of prejudice and racist thoughts. People aren’t inherently evil; however, we are inherently afraid of things of which we are ignorant. It is only natural for people to want to “master” their fears. I really would like to see a world where prejudice and racist thinking no longer exists. Sadly, that will not happen. The only place that you will make any change to prejudice or racial thoughts is in your own thinking.

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