Where does our government’s money go?

I always hear people talk about how many people use our government’s funds for rediculous reasons, and I can not agree more.  Unemployment, finincial aid, welfare, food stamps and other fund the government is dishing out to US citizens are great for the people who need them but people who cheat the system and do not need them need to back off.  I highly believe in drug testing those who need aided by the government, and also to prove where the funds were used.  Some people who cheat the system and still get the money are thieves, and need to be stopped.  Many unemployed folks collect unemployment, which is great, but the ones who have a chance at getting a job but want to sit at home and be lazy all day and spend the aid on drugs need to get caught; drug testing everybody who applies can help this tremoundously.  Another thing that gets to me are these college aged people who are collecting financial aid to help pay for school, but when you walk outside into the parking lot they are the ones driving the Mercedes Benz and Lexus’.  Does this make sense to any of you??????????????????  Its one thing to drive a Benz, but its another to cheat the government and get that Benz paid for though UNNEEDED financial aid.  It also grinds my gears when I am at the local grocery store and the couple infront of me has a child in the cart getting ready to pay and they whip out a food stamp packet to pay for food that I am positive is not for the child.  Then when it comes time to pay for the extra stuff in their cart that the govenement does not authorize food stamps to cover, they pay with $100 bills! (I am always tempted to say something)  I know that I am not the only one who thinks along these lines, but our government needs to learn to put this to a stop IMMEDIATELY!

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