A little late but…

Several days after the passing of Steve Jobs, former CEO and founder of Apple, it occured to me how technology unites people. If you were to ask people from different races, regions, socioeconomic backgrounds, if they own an iPod, I imagine you would find that well over 80% of them did. The iPod and the internet for that matter have made it easier and easier to interact with people, to find new music, and media. Think about it, on your iPod, iPad, iPhone you can download programs to help you find places and people you would have never found before without having that technology so easily accessable. With video chat you can now interact with that penpal half way around the world and really get to see who you are talking to. Heck, look at this blog as a great example. There must be a few of us taking this same class but at different times and we all are posting here.


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