Hank Williams Jr.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eF6vCv13bw  <–video

As many of you may already know, Hank Williams Jr. went on Fox and Friends and was talking politics with the hosts.  Hank Williams Jr. is a country artist not a political analyst or commentator so when he started talking politics he was giving some very forward opinions.  Well during his interview he had compared Obama to Hitler and also said that Obama and Biden are like the 3 stooges.  If you watch Monday Night Football you may have noticed he doesn’t do the opening song anymore.  The reason is because of what he said.  ESPN pulled his contract because of what he said about our president.  Now some people think that it’s ok that ESPN did this and some don’t.  Personally i’m backing up Hank on this one.

Not only am I a fan of Hank’s but i think that like he said he has the freedom of speech.  It’s one of our ammendments.  Granted his opinions may have been harsh refering to our president as one of the most hated people who ever walked the Earth, but he does have the freedom to say as he pleases.  Now he probably shouldn’t have done that on a national scale or at all in front of a camera, but from this video you can tell he really doesn’t care what other people think about him or his political views.

After his contract from ESPN was pulled he came back and made a song about fox and friends and espn that takes a shot at the two networks, this is another main point that people are talking about and is being discussed on many networks.

Thoughts? opinions?

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