Witnessing racism

Outside of hearing racist jokes, have you ever really witnessed racism? Recently, I have. Walking down the street, a little old lady confronted an African American woman. The woman was minding her own business, not bothering anyone. The little old woman went up the the African American woman, called her a nappy headed n*****, and walked away. Luckily there was a policeman near by who witnessed the whole thing. The little old woman was arrested, and charged with assault. She has the ability to get her charges dropped if she apologizes, but she stated that she will not apologize, because she hadn’t done anything wrong. Many argue that she is old and there is no changing her mind, but I argue and say age doesn’t qualify racism. Just because you are a certain age doesn’t give you the right to assault anyone, no matter what their gender, skin color, etc. Maybe a little jail time will do that woman some good.

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One Response to Witnessing racism

  1. ryharris says:

    It is unlikely that jail time would do this woman any good. Given her age it seems that she is stuck in a bygone era. Individuals are a part of society. This woman reflects the times in which she was brought up. There is a song that exemplifies this principle it is called “Evolve”, you might have heard it in a Gatorade commercial. The chorus is “If you want a revolution the only solution you gotta evolve”. Evolution is an essential component of revolution. People ideologies have to evolve to changing times. This woman seems to lack this ability; therefore, her thoughts, along with herself, are antiquated. Another essential component of revolution is death. People and those who think like her will eventually die out, and their beliefs will usually accompany them. The comment may seem insensitive, but if we never died things would never change. This lady is old and probably senile, so she just needs aide or some assisted living arrangement.

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