Empty or Full?

After reading chapter 6 in the text, I am unsure if I am surprised with some the statistics or if I should have expected them. One statistic that did appear shocking to me was that interracial marriage were only .70% of all married couples despite the increase from 65,000 black-white marriages in 1970 to 422,000 in 2005. At the end of the chapter the author stated ” the overall picture of racial progress is different rather than “better””. Yes, African Americans have advanced in society but they have not reached equality. As discussed before, the question is….. will minority groups ever reach equality with the dominant group? My answer would be no, based on statistics, but I would like to believe that one day, true equality will be met.

Well, I’m glad that Obama has decided to have the troops sent home by the end of the year. Now perhaps we can focus a little more on US concerns without worrying about one of the longest wars.

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