Hispanics in Government Possitions

I began to think no to long about the local government we have here in Cleveland. As a former employee for the City of Cleveland I remembered how not so diverse the employees were. They were either “Whites or Blacks”. Hispanic employees was at about 8%. Several years have gone by now and we have seen an increase in the minorities in government positions but what disappoints me the most is that there aren’t that many Hispanics that are willing to take a stand and become someone more significant in government rolls. From my knowledge Cleveland has had only two Hispanic councilmen. Not one Hispanic Judge not one Hispanic Mayor. If statistics say the minority of Hispanics have grown significantly, where are the Hispanic Leaders? I do not mean to focus on just Hispanics but the number is to big to continue this trend. Are there Hispanics in higher government offices? I think not! Minorities need to start standing up and making a difference. These times that we are living in have evolved to an extent but we need our diversity to move more with in government rolls

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One Response to Hispanics in Government Possitions

  1. ryharris says:

    It would be great for our region to have more Hispanics in municipal government or county government. However, Hispanics do not make up large enough portion in the Cleveland area for this to occur. Most of the growth occurring among Hispanics is in the Western and Southwestern portions of the country, although there are sizable Hispanic populations in many Midwestern cities. According to the US Census bureau, the Hispanic population, mostly Puerto Rican, of the Cleveland area is around 10%. Whites constitute about 37% of Cleveland’s population, and Blacks constitute approximately 53% of the population. Ohio has yet to feel the growth of the increasing Hispanic population. Hispanics constitute 3% of the state’s population.

    More than likely Ohio and the Cleveland area will begin to experience some of the Hispanic population growth in the coming years. As the area begins to experience more of this growth, there will be more Hispanic representation in municipal, county, and state government. Although, I would not expect Ohio to ever have an extremely large Hispanic population due to regional shifts occurring throughout the country. Hispanic representation in the Cleveland area will also largely depend on whether the group is considered an enclave or middleman minority.

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