Just Picture.

If you would all just take a second and close your eyes; try viewing a world where there is complete racial harmony. Where a world where race may not even exist. A world where everybody is accepted no matter what religion, ethnic, or racial differences that may “exist”. A world like that would wonderful place to live in. Here is a hip-hop song called “All Black Everything.” by Lupe Fiasco. This song you will not hear on any radio station because it doesn’t market to the mainstream. The title of the song can be misleading. One may intitally think the song with have pro-black/anti-white overtones. However, that is far from the truth. Here is the song:

I believe this is a wonderful song that integrates an idea of equality beautifully. Malcom Little, aka Malcom X, had dramatically different views on how to go about equality than did Martin Luther King. To picture a world where he would be reading at his funeral is amazing. Since a black woman was voted head of the KKK, there is nothing to imply King was assassinated. The KKK in this song could mean an entirely different ideology. An incredible song like this goes unnoticed because it is “rap.” That is a shame. There is a lot of great music out there that gets a label attached to it based off fact it is perceived as ignorant. The music you hear on the radio is simply selling you an image; rather, the music you hear on the radio is perpetuating stereotypes.

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