Emmett Till Story

I had learned about the Emmett Till story years ago but never really realized how influential it really was to the civil rights movement. Its so hard to believe that this happened about 60 short years ago when my grandparents were in their teens and early 20s. Its also so hard to believe how much culture change there is from the Alabama to Chichago. Emmett Tills mother was very couragous to show her sons battered body to the world which kick started the civil rights movement. Its hard to think where this country would be with out this event. Its unfortunate it had to happen but im glad there was good that did come from this tragic event.

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2 Responses to Emmett Till Story

  1. playboyroma says:

    I believe that if not this event than something else would have definetly kick started the civil rights movement because the tension was already present. Racism was everywhere and there was just no hidding it. Its unfortunate that such a great country has such a disturbing past but it’s present. If it wasn’t Emmett, it would have been some other boy or girl who just ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. Nink32 says:

    I agree that Emmett Till started the civil right movement also I heard Emmett year ago and this was my first time seeing Emmett Till documentaries at first I got angry seeing his battered body, and that only two African American step up when more had seen what happen 2 the 14yr old boy, but didn’t step up 2 say what they had seen that night or day cause they was afraid of losing there lives and I feel Emmett story steel haunted the African American community today people still don’t step up 2 the plate 2 tell what they had seen

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