Tragedy In The South

I had never even heard of Emmet Til until I saw this movie. I cannot believe that the individuals responsible for this little boy’s death, were not held accountable. I guess we all walk around as if things like this don’t happen today but this happened only 50 some years ago. I’m glad that we watched this movie and I think that everyone should see it, maybe it will give them another view point. Sometimes, it feels like we are at a standstill and that the world is going in the opposite direction. If the situation were reversed and a little white boy was killed, the courts would have done anything that they could to make sure that the assailants were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Was everyone at the time crazy or just stupid? A human being lost their life for whistling at someone, am I the only one who thinks that this is outrageous? Ever since we watched that film, it has been circling in my mind. I just feel sad for his family members and anyone else who had to witness or live through this tragedy. No one can bring Emmet Til back, however, if we continue to tell his story and get the message across to more individuals, then he didn’t die in vain. Emmet Til meant something to some people and we should remember him as the spark that started Civil Rights. It’s a shame that something positive had to come from the end of Emmet Til’s short life.

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