Anwar al-Awlaki killing sparks US travel

It just seems the more al-Qaeda members we kill the worst the situation gets for both the US and Muslims living in the US. The US state department has issued a travel alert to Americans, warning of a heightened risk of violence worldwide in the wake of the killing of key al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki. A US-born radical Islamist cleric was killed by US drones in Yemen on Friday and also a US-born propagandist Samir Khan who was a bombmaker also died. A big stir has been created because their key members have been taken out. Awlaki has been on the run since December 2007 because of his plans to blow up US airliners and had sought the use of poison to kill US citizens. I believe that we as a country should not be scared of an organization that if the government really wanted to could eliminate completely but doesn’t. With the presence of terrorism prejudice keeps an existance in our country. Muslims are looked down at and tension is created between racial groups and we all know not every Muslim is a terrorist. That’s like saying all Mexicans are illegals. With all the technology out in existance I think that the government could definetly keep a close eye on everything that goes on probably do but choose to let things happen to create that state of fear and tension that prevents some ethnic groups from resourses that are possibly available to others.

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