Is it really history?

Well every day I come to sociology class I hear every time that there was a historical figure or event that happened, but is twisted entirely and is made to be out as somehing nothing like what it actually was, or is completley left out of history and is never taught in schools.  Now I understand that there are some things that are more important and may have more time spent on but even when I started learning about the slave trade in eigth grade, nobody had every mentioned they brought in slaves due to a need for laborers, or that Abraham Lincoln was a full fledged slave supporter before the war.  I feel like many of these things would change a lot of the way that history is taught today.  And the over dramatic stories that are fantasized such as rosa parks working a long hard day and doesnt want to move to the back of the bus, but in reality he was a civil rights activist and she just didn’t move because  she was trying to make a change, not some B.S. 3rd fairy tale trying to inspire young people.  It just kills me how history is suppose to be about the facts yet much of what we are taught is twisted or added on to and not the full truth.

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