The Terror of Mississippi

There were horrific beatings of minorities in past decades of the United States.  Americans were blind to the harm they were causing to others, and if not blind, then they were cruel and careless.  What people thought was okay, would actually be abuse and murder nowadays.  The actions that were taken before to harass other minorities were unbelievably terrifying.  People were gassed, whipped, hosed, shot, and lynched.  They were beaten for simple things and they were trapped by all government laws.  No one was equal to anyone, even though whites would claim to have equality to anyone.

A powerful example would be the story of Emmett Till.  A 14-year-old boy from Chicago was murdered in Mississippi while visiting his uncle.  Emmett supposedly whistled at a white woman, Carolyn Bryant and the price he paid for that was her husband Roy Bryant and his friend, J.W. Milam would kidnap him, beat him and shoot him. Till’s body was found in the Tallahatchie River and once his mother found out, her life came crashing down.  By the time the men were done with him, Emmett was only recognized by his father’s ring that he was wearing.  Emmett Till’s Murder was eye opening for the nation and whether whites wanted to admit it or not, it changed their lives as well, they just did not want the other whites to see the mercy they had for Emmett and his family.

Over the past few decades, things have finally started changing.  The United States has changed for the most part, but we do still have those people who will never change their mind.  The people who will never forgive nor forget.  The people who have lived it and the others who were just told about it from generation to generation.  People will be their stubborn selves and will not accept the change.  What the rest of the citizens of the country should do is continue to unravel their true selves and go along with life accepting one another, just as most of the world would accept you.

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2 Responses to The Terror of Mississippi

  1. stabrucker512 says:

    While I agree that the story of Emmett Till was powerful and an important time in American history, I don’t understand why he was the one we continue to pick out as the example. So many terrible things were done before and after the murder of Emmett Till, but society is so used to all of these that they are kind of passed over. Why did it take the murder of one specific child to get the country angry about the issue of racial prejudices?

    • elmo0904 says:

      I don’t know why everyone else picks Emmett Till’s story, but I chose it because I believe that it is one of the worse scenarios I have ever heard of. I mean, I see where you’re coming from. I know that there have been people were arrested, hosed, shot, lynched, beaten, etc. I just think that Emmett Till’s story is more eye opening because he was shot and beaten. And it is not like he was beaten with bruises and cuts, he was beaten to the point where he died and face-wise, he was not recognizable at all. He was only identified by the ring he had on his finger. That to me is a big statement, especially when this was known throughout the country at the time and the men who beat him were “proven” innocent.

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