The Cost of Racism and Inequality in America

On Wednesday I had a pleasure to attend the seminar presented by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Celebrating Diversity Series with a great speaker Tim Wise.

Tim Wise is the most prominent anti-racist writer and educator in the United States. His popularity started few years ago. Tim Wise wrote five books and has been seen in television programs and heard on many radio stations.

Tim Wise is a great speaker with great sense of humor. His seminar was knowledgeable and based on great histories from our lives. Tim started with sentence that we as a population don’t talk about race. White people don’t want to talk about race because they don’t feel comfortable in this subject. Every race doesn’t know what to say, when and where so prefer doesn’t talk about it at all to not get embarrassed.  Ethical and moral issues are one of them to not speak about racism in groups, communities, etc.

Tim Wise brought out great statistics and mentioned that by 2030 we will have 50% white people and 50% color skin people. Note all the states like that number but there is nothing that we can do besides accepting it and live the same way as we do now.

People don’t like when we talk about race because they think that we are stock in the past and will never move on to present or future. For them continuously coming back to past is something that won’t let us be able to deal present because our past affect it in every aspect.

There is no bright line dividing past and present so nobody can tell us what we can talk about and not. Everything is important and everything should be discussed.

Tim Wise was surprised when Barrack Obama on one of his speeches said that “We are not white America, not Black, not Latino. We are United States of America” and got very big applause from the crowd. At this time we are not United States, we are highly divided country and our future goal is to be United States.

We are still afraid of black people in a hoodie but we are not afraid of elite people driving very expensive cars that steel our money through government, stock market and harmed us. Tim Wise mentioned about 13 trillion $$$ lost in 18 months by white people. The speaker gave a great conclusion saying that if one of the Black, Latino or other race person was involved in that crash, most of the people would say “how come he/she got this job?; where is he/she from?, etc.

Recession is hurting everybody. Double digit unemployment is freaking white race out now, while Black race is facing this since 75 years and nobody would do anything to help them out. People of color are dealing with unemployment since beginning.

We won’t fully understand the issue until we feel pain of people being touch by racism. We tend to believe in lie.

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