Emmett Till

I never knew the name Emmett Till until we watched the documentary in class. It came very shocking to me. Later on in the night I began to think why it was that I never knew anything about this story. The cruelty, the injustice, the racism, and the tragedy. This story has so much importance and yet I knew nothing, further no friends (white) know about it, girl friend or family either. Its quite strange how this story goes untold in schools and Americans wonder why history seems to repeat itself over and over. Later on in the week I went to lunch with a African American friend of mine and I felt compelled to ask if he knew who Emmett Till was. Sure enough he did, he knew about the tragedy and how he was killed and it sparked a great discussion for the rest of the lunch hour. Now thinking about it, how can I have friends both white and black yet the white friends have no idea who Emmett was and the black friends do? I think we need to include this story in our schools to show how bad the inequality was and give everyone a opportunity to imagine what it would be like to try everything to get justice and to fall short and never get it. Not even from the president when you have thousands of supporters behind you. This was a meaningful story and very disturbing, a little bit of me changed after watching this.

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One Response to Emmett Till

  1. lmertic says:

    I also had never heard about Emmitt Till until this class, and let me tell you, I was disgusted that I had not known about this. It makes me sick to know that such an unexpected turning point in the start of the Civil Rights Movement was never taught in schools. I went to a predominantly white school, and the extent of our diversity classes were about Martin Luther King. It’s a shame that is the case. More schools need to change their teaching plans to get down to the truth of the matter. I definitely felt changed after watching this documentary.

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