Police discrimination


We all live in a world that has seen police discrimination, whether it was in L.A. or years ago in Pittsburgh, Jonny Gammage, but as times change we expect relations between police and society to get better.  This article proves that they are getting worse.  You can see the dominant-minority relationship between police and bystanders everyday, but neither side gets the respect they deserve.

Growing up, you are taught to respect and look up to the police, they are there to help, but how many times has that help ended in bloodshed or discrimination.  You can’t judge a person based on color, the same way you can’t judge a cop on the badges of others.  There needs to be a partnership between cops and communities.  The economy is taking the police out of neighborhoods and making them strangers to us.  The fear of not knowing the community and the fear of not knowing the police is greating a greater tension than it would if we all stayed together.

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