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Women…the weaker species?

This past weekend, I was told that women are a weaker species than men. First, you can probably tell I was dealing with someone who didn’t understand that men and women are the same species. Second, why am I weaker? … Continue reading

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High School Apartheid Seperating students based on anything is a crime against humanity. Kids learn about culures and ethnicities through coming together. You can’t get a real sense of another group by watching them on the tele or reading about them, you … Continue reading

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The article of New York Times published on November 21, 2011 regarding the US-Cuban Relations and its effect on the lives of both the Cuban-American and the Cubas is very positive.  The article emphasized the value of family relationship among the Cubans.  … Continue reading

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Native Hipsters

There has been a fairly large increase recently of Native attire in the adolescent marketplace. This includes Native American-style jewelry, shoes, clothing, and even headwear.  The question now: is it trendy yet respectful, or a fashion faux-pas to dress in … Continue reading

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Hispanics, Reviving Faded Towns?

Population in the rural towns in the Great Plains including the western Kansas has been declining.  Ulysses, Kansas is now a town where half of the population are Hispanics.  Year after year, the population of this town is declining and businesses are closing.  … Continue reading

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The First Green Card

In 1620, a group of strange newcomers arrived on the shores of North America. They spoke a foreign language and were miserably poor. Desperate and hungry, they robbed the graves of the native-born and stole food to survive during their … Continue reading

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i dont understand why in 2011 it would be thought to be fine to name a sports franchise after a derogatory term for native Americans, I’m talking about the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians. Can you imagine naming a sports … Continue reading

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