police discriminated on black women

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker is under fire as a group of activists calls for him to step down, following a new report out that shows his force discriminated against a fellow employee.

Nicole Thomas made the claims in 2008 when she says she was passed up for a job because she’s a black female.

Then she says she was retaliated against. Now activists are calling for the police chief to step down, even though he was not the chief when allegations surfaced.

They say it’s his department and he needs to take responsibility.

“We have a police department that has ran aground. It’s time to change the captain,” said activist Willie Green.

But Chief Doug Baker fought back saying he wants all the facts to come to light before rushing to judgment.

“I don’t believe in discrimination at all, and from an agency standpoint I don’t believe the agency does disciriminate, and that’ll be our position when we go to court as well,” said Chief Baker.

Now the report will be forwarded to the Department of Justice in Miami. Both sides expect to see the case in court.


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One Response to police discriminated on black women

  1. dcoleman03 says:

    Interesting story, I would definitely like to see how this case pans out because in my opinion how can the Chief be held accountable for actions that occurred before he became Chief of the department. I could understand if their were multiple complaints for multiple officers and the Chief refused to look any further into the situation and the officers received no penalties for foul behavior, but based on this article this doesn’t appear to be the case.

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