Church and State

When we look into the past we see that most of the societies our world has ever seen has been societies lead by religious figures or by the ruling religious faction of the region. When you look at the earliest people and cities. Anything from the Mediterraneans to the Chinese to the Indians. They were ALL ran by a authority figure, strongly related to church. (pushing the churches ideas). Some people think a notion for church and state to be ran closer would be a good thing. some disagree. Would you agree or disagree with this notion, what do you think would happen? would it work? It has in the past.

The difference in the world today would not allow it. At least not in the United States. We see immigrants coming into the country demanding multi-culturism, and we see just everyday ordinary Americans looking for equality. I think if the church and state were to move close in any ways at all, there would be riots in the streets. If a politician were to be elected and tried to tell people to act a certain way or to do a certain thing it would not be good. One particular group might benefit from this but of course others would feel left out.If a Buddhist wanted Americans to celebrate a certain holiday, would you feel excluded if you were catholic? Just a interesting thought about people! Why is it so different today, our planet has seen many different cultures, and lots of them have always been lead religiously, or by a religious figures, but why is equality so important now?

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One Response to Church and State

  1. Mixing church and state would have some mixed results. If all of our leaders held certain values it would make decisions easier, and as a whole society would function as a uniformly. Conformity would guarantee acceptance of everyone; as a result, there would be no deviants. This notion sounds utopian, but it ignores diversity amongst individuals. The reason why this idea would not prevail in westernized nations is because these individuals have socially evolved. The idea of a united church and state is primitive. In fact, the U.S. was founded on the idea of religious freedom. Most early Americans were religious outcasts, so why would they draft a constitution linking church with the state? They didn’t! They did not do this because it was against everything they stood for. They didn’t because they understood the need for change and progress to happen. There is nothing linking the State to the Church in the American constitution. In fact, on the contrary there is an amendment which prohibits the linking of church and state, not surprisingly, its the first amendment. The fact that this subject was the first one brought up in the constitution attests to how much our founding fathers detested a religious state.

    If any government(s) today still links church and state, it is because that government(s) or society is composed of spineless cowards, who hold on to conservative ideals because they are to afraid to discover who they are. Most nations in the world today do not have state religions. Since, when does history necessarily dictate the future. Every individual should have an opportunity find himself or herself. Homo Sapiens are outgrowing their primitive state, so primitive thoughts will have less of a place in the 21st century, and this will continue to change with time.There will be holdouts. Nations which have state religions tend to behave in a barbaric nature, and the generally have the most human rights violations; therefore, who could call them barbarians because they are! Just turn on your TV and watch the unrest in these areas. These areas experience tumult they cannot rise above their limited horizons.

    People who hold on to this ideal of a religious state because they are to afraid to think for themselves. Equality is important because it is the natural state of things. Equality demands that everyone be treated equally because everybody is a unique individual. Religion does not respect a person’s individuality it demands conformity. In fact, there is probably much evidence to suggest that it is used as a form of control. Religion coerces people into a certain behavior by promising some unearthly reward. Most people today are too materialistic for religion. They need rewards now, not later at some pearly gate. They want rewards now! People have committed some of the most atrocious behavior in the name of god. Religious states, ironically, commit the most heinous crimes in their pious quests. I’m happy to report that the world as a whole knows and understands life a little bit more than their ancestors; as a result, a large majority of us have been spared the nonsensical notion of living in a religious state.

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