Labor Market Discrimination!!!!

I absolutely loved this article. It was interesting to hear that someone actually conducted a study on this particular topic and the results didn’t appear alarming to me at all because the results were numbers I expected. The fact that your name, a decision you as an individual most likely didn’t take part in (a fee can be paid in order to have a name change) can affect your employment status appears a little disturbing. This topic is something that I discuss on a regular basis, well to a certain extent (I know several women that are going to have babies). When a mother and her family take the time to decide a name for their baby, many things are taken into consideration. Popularity and  Spelling are to characteristics that generally come to mind first, but as a member of a minority group (more so than any other group, I’m sure) has to take race into consideration.  Is this name too ghetto? Does it sound like a white person’s name? Will people be able to spell or pronounce it correctly? It’s a shame to say, but yes, these are questions I’ve been asked my opinion on and have asked other individuals. Now, after reading the article not only does your name influence call back opportunity but the area in which you live can as well. It makes sense that an employer would be skeptical to hire an employee that lives far from work because they may worry that they will be late, get caught in traffic or unavailable due to bad weather.

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