Ohio school sorry for making black student ‘slave’

The article I read was about a black,  fifth grade boy being labeled as a slave in a social studies lesson. It struck me as disturbingly funny right away- I don’t understand how a teacher could even put themselves in that kind of situation at all. The issue of race is always a sensitive one, so why even touch it in a class situation like that? The game/lesson divided the entire class into slaves and masters. There were only two black students in the class; one was a slave, while the other was a master. It’s definitely a little more comforting to know that not each student was placed as a slave, but it’s still very wrong. The boy also reported that the selection was random. I hope the teacher didn’t mean any harm by it. It definitely doesn’t seem like they did. Still though, I’m baffled that the teacher put them self in that situation. I think anyone knows that that would raise questions and concerns. They were better off sticking to a boring lecture…


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