What music defines you….

Every cultural back ground has its differences. With me I think music has been a big part that defines me. I grew up for a short time in Puerto Rico. In the spanish culture music has evolved a lot of different ways. As I picked up my aunt from the Airport several weeks back I began to say to myself whats suitable to make her comfortable while she is here in the United States. The first thing that came to mind was the music. In the hispanic culture music plays a big role in who someone is. If they are older, younger, if one grew up in PR or in the US. Relating to Puerto Ricans I grew up with the older and newer generation. I began to shuffle through my Ipod and selected a series of music to play in my car. On my way home with my aunt, the music she grew up with I was playing… all of a sudden when the third song came up it was english hip hop music. She says my name and says “what in the world is that”.  I said “Tia” which is aunt in spanish “Its music” shes rapidly changed her mentality to hey hispanics is the only ones she knows of in her own world. I said her name and said its a slower version of the spanish rhythmic of “reggaeton”. I said don’t be to quick to judge tia. Music has always been apart of me. English or Spanish I listen to it all I grew up with the spanish old classic music to the more modern spanish reggaton, the english hip hop r&b. I grew up playing instruments from drums to bass to piano to all percussion instruments. What music defines you?

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