Civil Rights

What has been happening in Alabama recently, in regards to immigration laws, really bothers me. I hope it bothers everyone else too. Apparently now the state wants to investigate every family in the public school system by demanding their legaldocuments upon enrollment. It’s ridiculous!

“The law’s architects and supporters proclaim that their goal is to catastrophically disrupt the lives of illegal immigrants and their families.” Seriously!? That’s just rude. Why would anyone in the self-proclaimed land of the free want to create laws to treat people this way?

Thankfully, the Justice Department stepped in and sued the state of Albama in defense of Civil Rights, but what does that say about the stability of our nation? That the federal government has to step in and sue individual state goverments? Not a lot. There is something wrong with the persistence of negative attitudes toward immigrants in this country. I just don’t understand it. I can’t imagine living in Alabama.

This is just one example of someone disagreeing, but I feel their last statement is pretty truthful: “Americans should be ashamed”.  Of course it’s not the nation’s fault as a whole, but even the fact that some Alabamian political figures got together to fight the federal government for this is appalling to me.

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