It’s interesting to watch stand up comedians do their thing.  Did you ever notice how race is always a topic of conversation? To watch comedians who bring up racially politically incorrect topics are the hardest to watch…yet they are the funniest.  Black comedians like Paul Mooney are extremely difficult to watch if you take what he is saying to heart…and you know he is speaking from the heart when he is doing his stand up.  He is very in your face, very serious, very dry, and very quick to make fun of the white race and what white people stand for.  Daniel Tosh is a white comedian who is also in your face.  He is not scared of going against the grain with every ethnic/racial group, even his own.  His approach is one of sarcastic witty humor.  Sarah Silverman is a Jewish comedianne.  She has a dry sarcastic approach to her stand up, and is also in your face.  She will deliver stand up that is more so driven towards ethnic stereotypes.  Her method is being as classy as possible while being able to make people say, “Did she really just go there?” 

All of these comedians (to just name a few) bring up the topics of racial/ethnic stereotypes we all know.  Most of us laugh because it is a true statement in our eyes.  They are the not so politically correct jokes that most people enjoy.  People need to remember to not take offense to what a comedian is saying, it is all a joke.  I think that people tend to sometimes take life so seriously that they often forget when they themselves make a stereotypical comment or laugh at one that they hear.  This is not to suggest that we are to act maliciously towards people of a different creed, but it is to recognize that people are different.  There are stereotypes about everyone, some of them we know how they came to be, others we have no idea.  Stereotypes are a part of life, sometimes in an unfortunate manner of speaking.  However, if you as an individual strive to be the best person you can be for yourself and others and follow the “golden rule” I think it’s ok to laugh at a few jokes that someone is performing.  It doesn’t mean you’re a racist or ignorant person, it just means that you get the difference between embracing the humor as opposed to acting like an idiot towards others just because of the differences we all embrace.

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