When Did Common Sense Become Less Common?

I was talking to my friend the other day and she brought up a really interesting story. My friend is black and her boyfriend is white and they have a three year old daughter together. She said that she was in the grocery store the other day and some lady had the audacity to accuse her of kidnapping her own baby! Her daughter has white features and she looks just like her father, so there is no resemblance between mother and daughter. I couldn’t believe that this woman could just accuse her of kidnapping. This lady brought everyone’s attention to my friend and she even got the manager involved. I understand that some people grow up in a sheltered atmosphere but this was outlandish, to me. In this day and age, one would think that there are many possibilities for a black woman to have a white child. With adoption and interracial relationships, it makes sense that different people lead different lives and there are numerous reasons that someone’s child might not look like them. I guess I never thought that something this crazy could happen to someone that I know but I think that it was naive of me to assume this. The manager ended up apologizing for the employee’s ignorant behavior but it did not make my friend feel any better. We should all take this as a lesson and think about the things that we say before they escape from our lips.

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