Police investigate racism claims against Chelsea’s Terry (Soccer)


Back on Oct. 23 Chelsea’s player John Terry was accused of directing a racial slur at an opposing teammate during the game and now the Metropolitan Police as well as official’s with England’s Football Assoication, are initiating a full and complete investigation into the situation. There is video footage of Terry, white, definitely shouting something towards Ferdinand, who was a black opposing player. Although, it is not certain what exactly was said and Terry denies saying any racial slurs. Terry was reported saying, “I thought Anton was accusing me of using a racist slur against him. I responded aggressively, saying that I never used that term. I would never say such a thing, and I’m saddened that people would think so.”

It’s shocking to see something like this happen during sports. In America, rarely do you see coverage on stories like this. With such a wide range in ethnicity here I would figure players would be more prone to slipping with a racial slur during a heated game. Even while watching games I read players lips and see some racist words come out. I think the tension gets dealt with on the field and nothing has to be done after by the authorities.

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