Study on Job Applicants’ Names

There was an experiment conducted about the effect of having familiar White-sounding  names versus the ethnic sounding names.  Here in this field experiment on Labor Market Discrimination, hundreds of resumes were sent out to employers using White-sounding names and African-American sounding names.  It was found out that there was a large racial differences in callback rates.  It needs 10 resumes from the White-sounding name applicant to get one call back while it needs 15 resumes from an African-American sounding name applicant to get one call back.  It was clear from the experiment that there is unequal treatment from the employers.  At first glance of the applications, the employers prefer the White-sounding names compared to the ethhic-sounding names. 

With the present economic situation and with the high unemployment rate , it becomes much difficult for those job seekers with non-white sounding names to get a job.  With so much competition in the labor market and especially with the number of whites joining the job seekers, race becomes an issue.  Without the employer saying it, those with ethnic sounding names applicants could be in the bottom of the list.  Not being able to find a job, it would definitely create more gap in the lives between the whites and other groups.  I’m not really sure  if there is a solution to this, but I’m hoping that those with ethnic sounding names would get a fair share in the labor market.

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