Good hair

When it comes to race, there are some things you just don’t think about. The difference between “black hair” and “white hair” is not something many of us think about. After watching the movie “Good Hair,” my eyes were opened. We are told often what is and what is not considered professional, but what if we were told that it looks unprofessional to have our hair be at its natural state. African American women are told this. Many buy weaves, which cost thousands of dollars, to get that “professional look.” in my opinion, that is appalling. Who are we to say that any woman can not wear her hair at its natural state. A professional appearance is subjective, and fully depends on the job you are seeking. Tattoos and piercings are said to be unprofessional, but there are certain fields that allow people to have them. It is rare to find the same for an African American woman. What job field is there that one could wear their hair naturally. To my recollection, there is none. Why is it we can find a way to forgive tattoos and piercings, but not for an African American woman to wear her hair naturally?

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