Here A Article About Racism In America

I agree with article only because it seems like some whites want a black man to sell his soul for either to be a uncle tom or for friendship. cause if  it was a white man who fought dogs i dont think he wouldnt not be look at as michael vick was that my opinion.


We have a African American President and racism is still within our country.

Mike Vick went to jail and served his time to the system. Now he is doing what people cant believe and that is continuing to be successful in the NFL. Its shocking to most people because they didn’t believe a black man could come back from jail and be successful.

Now they want to make him white and change his look.It is 2011  and racism needs to end. Its wrong to change another man skin color, and say what if he was white Vick.  So many of our leaders are scared to talk about this issue but it is something that should be addressed within our country and communities.

Racism must stop. What are you willing to do to fix this problem?

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