Fire Department

I have a interesting topic about the fire department that I would like to discuss. In this scenario the fire department was located in a city that was 60% black, lets call it “C-town”. After  being trained has a firemen you are required to be selfless. When it comes to saving people you are not supposed to judge on race, color or religion. It should always remain professional and the firemen need to treat everyone as equals. Saying this, why is it that when hiring the firemen for the city they hire using the ideology that the fire department needs to represent the city (60% black, 40% white). Is their administration being racists? I am a white male and I see this as being unequal and the hiring bosses being quite racists. I do understand the importance of affirmative action and how it helps other races and genders, but how is it even close to fair putting a percentage on who will be hired as a firemen solely based on race. Using accuses such has “the fire department needs to represent its city” We are all people living in the city! This to me is disgusting, if anyone would please take a moment and reply, I would really like to hear some thoughts. I am not sure if I am being racists myself by saying this or if I have a valid point.

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