education, race, and ethnicity

I am amazed at the schooling today. In this class alone, I have learned more about diversity than I ever did in high school. I know that schools have a curriculum to follow, however, I believe that diversity is a subject area that should be taught in elementary, middle, and high schools. I was outraged that I had never heard about Emmitt Till until this semester…and I am 27!! When I first started this course I was thinking, ok another sociology class that I could care less about. Boy was I wrong. It was this class and the instructor that have completely changed my views about sociology and the world around me. I now want to change my major to sociology (perhaps double majoring in soc and psych), and I want to study race and ethnic relations more than ever now. Everyday I hear the stereotypes that we all know and use. Everyday now I am more aware of these stereotypes, and more aware of the faces being put to those stereotypes. The history of specific races is facinating, even learning the history of America and what these groups of people had to endure. This class has taught me not to be ignorant to our past and our present. It has taught me to be more aware of the everyday life that others do not share with me because of their race and ethnicity. It makes me want to study it even more.

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