Plastic Surgery

Although we discussed our latest article in class there wasn’t much of a class discussion. Perhaps now that your opinions can be some what anonymous I thought the article could be a great topic for discussion. The first thing that I found to be interesting…..who pays thousands of dollars to have their calf muscles enlarged? Of all things to have surgery on, calves would have never crossed my mind. Also, I was surprised to hear that Dr. didn’t keep medical records in their computers since insurance companies didn’t cover cosmetic surgeries. It appears more of a reason to keep records.

The author made a valid point by stating the medical system benefits from the society’s standard view of beauty. A few examples would be plastic surgery, liposuction, Botox, diet pills and the list could continue.

How is it that cosmetic eye surgery is more common in Korea than the US? I would have thought this type of surgery would be frowned upon. It never crossed my mind to think an Asian American appears sleepy or dull because of the shape of their eyes. My personal thoughts are that the shape of Asian eyes appear exotic or unique, a positive feature. To think that an Asian American would decide to have cosmetic eye surgery I would have to believe it is to appear more Americanized, not to veer away from the negative views. How does performing the surgery create a change in social light? Receive eye surgery and become more prestigious…really????? To top it off the Dr. tells their patients they are treating a medical condition of “excessive fat”

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One Response to Plastic Surgery

  1. toaquhay says:

    What?! You’ve never woke up one morning and decided, “Hey, my calves are in need of some serious cosmetic surgery!” Haven’t we all said that at one point in time? One a more serious note, I am not all that surprised by this article. Every where you turn there is an image of what is the ideal form of beauty. More often than not, that beauty is in the form of a slender American woman without an ounce of body fat. On the opposite side of that, the handsome man is usually some greek god looking male with also no body fat and a defined jaw line. The dominant society is pretty good at dictating the norms and values for appearances. It is a sad reality that we live in. There is never any emphasis on any sort of inner beauty or the strong value of character. Outer beauty fades, and it is never the same in the eyes of two people. I may be perceived by some as the most beautiful man in the world. (The eyes of some being me, when I look in the mirror). While other people may think I am the ugliest man in the world. The fact that any women of foreign nationality feels that in order to be accepted, they have to Americanize their features. That only leads to the question of what actually is Americanize when this country was founded by immigrants. The audacity of a group of people to say what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of beauty or anything is outrageous. This country was founded on hypocrisy. Our founding fathers fought for their independence at the same time we held a entire group of people in slavery, while taking land forcibly from its original inhabitants. i am rambling at this point so this is where I end it. One last thought, am I the only one that tries to figure out which blogger is which person in class?

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