Ali vs Frazier

Joe Frazier. One of the best and most loved boxers.  For years, all I have heard from people is that Muhammad Ali is one of the best so I just assumed that they were right.  A few weeks ago, HBO was giving a special on the careers of both, Ali and Frazier.  Throughout the whole thing I realized how much of a dick Muhammad Ali really is.  Two black man fighting against each other.  Apparently Ali would demean all of his opponents, but when it came to Joe Frazier, it was a whole different story.

Ali would call Frazier an ugly gorilla, an Uncle Tom and a white boy.  Muhammad had all of the African Americans behind him and Frazier had all of the Caucasions.  Because of this, Ali believed that Frazier was a traitor for being with all the white people, but in reality Frazier was actually the man that related to the people.  He was the one who had to wake up early every morning as a child to pick crops and cotton in the fields.  No one knew because everyone believed what Ali told them. 

I have come to the conclusion that Ali was what Mayweather is today.  Both Ali and Mayweather are the type of men that talk shit and are arrogant people whenever it comes to a match or the fact of winning a match.  Frazier was the complete opposite.  I have more respect for Joe Frazier.  Why? He was one of the most humble fighters and he did not let Ali get under his skin.  I do not understand why Ali would go against someone who is African American when at that time was when everyone should have been united.  Muhammad Ali would never have my respect.  Frazier was an amazing fighter and stay true to himself. RIP Joe Frazier

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2 Responses to Ali vs Frazier

  1. playboyroma says:

    I really like your article. See I was always like you and had mad respect for Ali but I never did any research to find out who he really was. Thanks for the information.

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