Model Minorities

Model minorities are classified as those who have made the best of their situation and used what they were given to get ahead in life. I am not a minority, however, I can understand the problems that they face everyday. For one, it is possible that some minorities face more challenges than others. The Japanese and Chinese are a good examples of model minorities. They both faced challenges and overcame their situations. Why is it that these individuals have been able to do as well, if not better than the dominant group? I believe that they have done better than most minorities because of their value systems. They value family, education and they believe in “saving face” and not creating unneeded problems. This combination of values and attitudes are what has made them so successful. I think that if other minorities took notice and tried to emulate this behavior, they may be more successful and be able to get ahead. More than anything else, I believe that their value of education has made it possible for them to get ahead of everyone else. For instance, Asian Americans have a higher graduation rate and get their Bachelors and even return to school and pursue a graduate degree. While they remain successful, they represent the highest and lowest income bracket in the country. I believe that there are many people in this country that have more advantages in life, than most, however, that is not an accuse to give up and barely skate by. If we all took a lesson from these people and worked hard to achieve our goals, we could all be model citizens.

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